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Too apathetic to look for a recipe

From the opening tap you could hear the creep.  No amount of "Everybody Clap Your Hands," DJ Mad Mardigan, howl-o-meter, or in game hype could mask it.

Apathy is here folks.

Even casual fans have seen this before. Second verse, same as the first.

Tonight, the Wolves reverted to mid-December form by allowing another team’s average (slightly above average in the case of Wes Matthews) wing player absolutely torch them from long-distance. This ugly era was placed into a larger context by the excellent comment about frustration by airete

We lost the home opener with Love on the bench. Could have been the right call, but it opened the season with more WTF Rambis?

We then beat the Bucks and felt better briefly. Memphis, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta and Houston run changed that. It was feeling pretty bad to be a fan, but I wasn’t jumping on the someone needs to be fired bandwagon. The LA game was a turning point.

Rambis had Magic Johnson talk with the team and they played the Lakers tough. Then they beat Sac away and had the feel good night of the year when they came back to destroy a Knicks team that was beating them. Still didn’t like the rotations, but felt like Rambis was getting through to the players.

Atlanta game I missed, but Charlotte felt like robbery and started the trend of we lose in the fourth. Still giving Rambis the benefit of the doubt. Clippers win keeps that rolling as we see him give the ball to Beasley for a game winner the way we hope it’ll play out in the future.

LA comes in Love lays an egg and Barnes torches us. Disappointment, but that’s about it. OKC again felt like robbery, but plenty of chances to question coaching choices in this one. Losing to the Spurs in OT nothing to fire anyone about. They Golden State embarrasses us at home. Followed by a predictable Dallas loss and another heartbreak vs the Spurs. Disappointment, but no reason to fire anyone.

We crush Cleveland, but the shooting numbers are crazy so the win may not be a fluke, but the margin is to a degree.

Losing to the Knicks in NY is disappointing, but that’s about it.

The 4th quarter crap that allows us to lose to Oklahoma sucks. After this one it feels like someone should take the blame.

We beat Det and that’s nice, but still feeling bad about the Thunder.

The Bulls play actual D with an actual PG and we look like a rec league team. Bad feelings from the Oklahoma game carry over still looking for answers.

Here’s the tipping point. GSW beats us, Phx beats us, Por beats us in what all feels like the same game. We double too much and good shooters are open for wide open threes. Players deserve some blame certainly, but at this point Rambis’ defensive scheme is exposed. Still feeling good about what the guys can do, but really questioning why the same mistakes are happening nightly. Begin to think Rambis may really be part of the problem.

Denver game so close with the 4th quarter run, but just not quite there.

The Clippers embarrass us. There are a lot of reasons we lost this game, but it sucks getting embarrassed by the worst team you face on a 6 game road trip.

Utah loss makes it 7 in a row and this one was thrown away in horrible fashion. If we had employed the "let them dunk" defense we should have pulled it out. So now after having the GSW Phx Por sequence pointing me towards blaming Rambis we have an emotionally damning nightmare at home.

Cleveland comes it and it goes to the final possession. Glad for the win, but beating Cleveland by one isn’t reassuring of the brewing doubts. Beating the Hornets helps so much as we actually beat a good team. Once. 4th quarter melt down vs Denver at home. Sigh. Leading in the fourth feels fragile not hopeful.

Beating NJ at home is nice.

Playing Boston into the 4th at Boston is almost all you could hope for. Had we been trailing and just not able to close it out would be one thing. Blowing the lead again is too familiar.

D league all-stars beat us at home. The bandwagon of something is wrong grows.

I think that pretty much sums it up.  Are there any other eras of the season we're missing here? 

I've mentioned several times during the year that I have no idea how to write about this squad.  It still remains the case.  Everything that can be said about this team has already been said.  I don't need to tell you about how or why they sink or swim.  Even if they make this a close game (I'm writing this with about 4 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter), we all know what will happen in the end: they will blow it in spectacular and predictable fashion. 

I suppose we could talk about how David Kahn continues to provide ammunition to those who think he doesn't have the first clue how to evaluate NBA talent.  Maybe we could talk about the in game cluelessness of Kurt Rambis.  What about a few examples of how Jonny Flynn doesn't know how to play basketball? 


I don't know what else there is to say and frankly I'm not too keen about sticking around for the 2nd half to figure something out.  At this point of the season it requires some form of higher math to figure out how to find any positives with this team outside of Love, Beasley, and....well, Anthony Tolliver came back tonight.  That's awesome.  He's a Creighton Bluejay and the 3rd best player on this team. 

Well folks, that about does it.  I'm off to plug in the Grado cans to the ol' ipod with a lossless copy of Tom Waits' Raindogs while reading a new book on the Kindle and sipping on a Surly.  It beats whatever madness might be happening at 600 First Avenue. 

Apathy.  It's here already.

BTW: If anyone wants to talk about what really matters for the rest of the year, here's the most up-to-date Hoopus Draft Board (with some numbers from past years to help you figure out where these players fit in):


  • Ty Lawson    PG    UNC (2009)    44.2873507936508
  • Kemba Walker    PG    UConn    43.0255946843854
  • Kevin Love    PF    UCLA (2008)    39.6477110753175
  • Steph Curry    Combo Guard    Davidson (2009)    39.214705562293
  • Derrick Williams    PF    Arizona    38.6137479261269
  • Kyrie Irving    PG    Duke    37.4715615758874
  • Jared Sullinger    PF    OSU    37.3929952890247
  • Blake Griffin    PF    Oklahoma (2009)    37.2065922745941
  • Demetri McCamey    PG    Illinois    35.3351535677768
  • Alec Burks    SG/SF    Colorado    34.7312605168383
  • Jordan Hamilton    SF    Texas    33.9128890196843
  • Nolan Smith    Combo Guard    Duke    33.7156540913888
  • Marcus Morris    PF    Kansas    33.6063649222065
  • Markeiff Morris    PF    Kansas    33.2354296221378
  • DMC    PF/C    Kentucky (2009)    32.616960724073
  • Evan Turner    SG/SF    OSU (2009)    31.405750110742
  • David Lighty    SG    OSU    31.3851153042638
  • B-Easy    Combo Forward    K-State (2008)    31.2533456972975
  • Kawhi Leonard    Combo Forward    San Diego State    30.497142452241
  • Derrick Rose    PG    Memphis (2008)    30.1011236685322
  • Joshua Smith    PF/C    UCLA    29.8792681096681
  • Terrence Jones    Combo Forward    Kentucky    29.6836390415071
  • Jonny Flynn     PG    Syracuse (2009)    28.9979330877274
  • Blake Hoffarber    SG    Minnesota    28.7896681873428
  • Keith Benson    C    Oakland    28.4514970014791
  • John Wall    PG    Kentucky (2009)    28.4332739656053
  • Deshaun Thomas    SF    OSU    28.2982662100232
  • Cris Singleton    PF    Florida State    28.2378700159472
  • Trey Thompkins    PF    Georgia    27.8135254636046
  • Kalin Lucas    PG    MSU (2009)    27.1499839694108
  • Derrick Favors    PF    Georgia Tech (2009)    27.0312516175496
  • Kemba walker    PG    UCONN (2009)    26.8691123906706
  • Tobias Harris    Combo Forward    Tennessee    26.3865809303536
  • Travis Leslie    Combo Forward    Georgia    26.3521380468282
  • Trevor Mbwake    PF    Minnesota    26.1247190966477
  • Tyler Zeller    C    North Carolina    26.0747762456226
  • Jeff Taylor    SF    Vanderbilt    26.0688777937191
  • Josh Selby    Combo Guard    Kansas    25.6164965032253
  • Russell Westbrook    PG    UCLA (2008)    25.3676399853189
  • Elias Harris    SF    Gonzaga    25.2398976833977
  • Aaric Murray    C    La Salle    25.2331324253839
  • Kalin Lucas    PG    MSU    24.3035371226524
  • Wes Johnson    SG/SF    Syracuse (2009)    24.277868541669
  • Kyle Singer    SF    Duke    23.8549973717039
  • Brandon Knight    Combo Guard    Kentucky    22.3521841432225
  • Chandler Parsons    SF    Florida    22.2191709317291
  • Tyler Honeycutt    Combo Forward    UCLA    22.0171482466272
  • Perry Jones    PF    Baylor    21.8049801238951
  • Scotty Hopson    SG/SF    Tennessee    21.2731070179534
  • Malcolm Lee    Combo Guard    UCLA    20.6417233774503
  • Harrison Barnes    SG/SF    North Carolina    20.5205418105359
  • CJ Leslie    Combo Forward    NC State    20.4703013708514
  • John Henson    PF    North Carolina    20.2657887296043
  • Rodney Williams    SF    Minnesota    19.2199462542987
  • Eric Bledsoe    Combo Guard    Kentucky (2009)    19.0162057633201
  • Mason Plumlee    PF    Duke    18.999841160523
  • Durrell Summers    SG    MSU    18.2974629817337
  • Patric Young    PF/C    Florida    16.0094124488824

The previous edition can be found here. Just think how cool next year will be with no draft pick to look forward to.