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Lynx's Latest Hero Is....


This game wrap is going to short and sweet, because there's really only one thing that needs to be said.

Last series, Seimone Augustus stepped up her game, enabling a Lynx sweep by battling Diana Taurasi to a standstill. This series, Rebekkah Brunson is doing the same with Angel McCoughtry.

Brunson/McCoughtry is an interesting matchup, as Angel is more of a natural 3 than 4. She has a definite quickness and range advantage. But Brunson put her size to good use....Angel got beat up on in the first three quarters and ran out of spark in the fourth, when the Lynxs' backcourt did it's thing. To have McCoughtry score 33, but come back at her with 26-11 of your own is huge. Rebekkah Brunson = game 1 MVP.

The Lynx can probably do to McCoughrty what they did to Becky Hammon in the first round; isolate her. Lindsey Harding has had a difficult playoffs run this year, and the rest of the Dream just doesn't have the firepower to match the Lynx's outside trio of Whalen/Augustus/Moore. The team can either throw everything they have at Angel and wear her down, or make her go solo and try to beat them singlehandedly. She was definitely tired and beat up at the end of game 1.

EDIT: We should also applaud the Star Tribune for promoting last night's win over that pitiful excuse of a football team