Coaching, Win Shares, and More Reason for Optimism

We are all excited about Adelman replacing Rambis, but this is why we should be even more excited. I took a look at WS/48 for Wolves players that played under Rambis, and compared it to their WS/48 in their last pre-Rambis season and/or their first post-Rambis Season. The effect of his coaching was so bad and so consistent, it's amazing he didn't ruin even more careers.

Nearly every player got worse as soon as they started playing for Rambis, and immediately got better once leaving (Love and Tolliver are the two exceptions, they got better despite him). Then I did the same for Adelman, and though not quite as consistent, the effect was the reverse. Improvement under Adelman, and decline after moving on to another coach.

Here are the result. Before Rambis (BR), Rambis (R), and After Rambis (AR) WS/48 in alphabetical order. Although they aren't listed below, this held true for Cardinal, Pavlovic, Pecherov, and others:

  • Beasley BR: 0.095, R: 0.069
  • Brewer BR: 0.052, R: 0.02, AR: 0.163 (post trade);
  • Hollins BR: 0.076, R: 0/048, AR: 0.072:
  • Jefferson BR: 0.128, R: 0.071, AR: 0.128;
  • Koufos BR: 0.112, R: 0.014; AR: 0.113;
  • Milicic BR: 0.088, R: .007 (last season only);
  • Randolph BR: 0.098, R: 0.069;
  • Ridnour BR: 0.168, R: 0.089
  • Webster BR: 0105, R: 0.077

Meanwhile Dragic, Hill, Lee, Lowry, Martin, and Miller all improved when they started playing for Adelman. Aaron Brooks started with Adelman, but immediately declined after leaving. Battier and Hayes were the two main exceptions, both got worse when Adelman started coaching the Rockets.

Put together, it makes for yet another reason to get excited about this season. Of the 10 Wolves still around from last year, most should get a double bump in their game, one because Rambis left, and another because Adelman is here.