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More Impressive Than 31/31

37 points on 13 shots. 37 points on 13 shots.  37 points on 13 shots.  Say it with me: 37 points on 13 shots. Once more: 37 points on 13 shots. 

According to Basketball Reference, there are only 8 players since 1986 who have scored 35 or more points on 13 or fewer shots. None of these players were able to rack up 23 rebounds.  

I'm not sure the team will be able to work this performance into a t-shirt promotion, but when was the last time a Wolves player put up 23 FTAs, shot 3-4 from beyond the arc, grabbed 23 rebounds, and scored 37 points?  That, quite simply, is unique and insane. 

In his 31/31 effort, Love took 26 shots to score his points.  In this game, he scored 11 more points on 1/2 the shots.  Again, insane. 

I missed most of this game because of my daughter's swim team banquet so I'll leave the overall game wrap for someone else in a fan post or in the comments, but here are a few things that stood out to me on a quick glance of the stat sheet: 

  • 12 minutes of Darko.  
  • The Wolves have a stunningly bad bench right now. 
  • Wes Johnson rebounded well and carried an eFG over 50%. 
  • GSW only had 24 FTA compared to Love's 23. 
37 points on 13 shots.  Crazy.