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Talking Sports Beats Watching It?

Last week, while Darren "Doogie" Wolfson filling in for Joe Alexander over on ESPN 1500, he brought up an interesting point, including a nice plug for our posters at Canis Hoopus.

He had just read an article by James Pearlman from the, talking about how people were more enthralled by the drama surrounding the Carmelo Anthony saga, than the actual play of Melo, and he compared it to the Wolves.

But I'll tell you this much Nick. Talk to people at the Star Tribune. When Souhan just destroyed the entire franchise recently, "Fire Kahn. Fire Rambis. Fire Rob Moore. Fire Glen Taylor. Fire the Janitor. Fire the Assistant Video Guy. Fire Everybody." I bet that story at got over 10,000 hits.

Whenever Jerry Zgoda blogs about a potential trade, a potential roster move, those stories get 10 to 20 thousand hits., my favorite wolves site, a money site, tonight's game recap might have 200 comments. Wednesday, 24 hours before the trade deadline, one of their threads had thousands of comments.

We care, when it comes to the Wolves, way more about what roster move or moves will take place this summer, who will get drafted, Harrison Barnes, Perry Jones, Terrence Jones, Kyrie Irving, way more than we care about how they will do for the rest of the year.