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If the recent loss to the Jazz was this season's Battlefield Earth, this afternoon's defeat at the hands of the Kings has to be Gigli.  

This has to be a new low point, right?  If anyone out there still doesn't understand just how much Kevin Love props up this horrific bunch to merely awful levels, and who still doubts the importance of being able to have a single guy control the boards on both ends of the court, than this was the game for you.  

With Love heading to the locker room after 14 minutes of action, fans were treated to a never ending parade of purple shirts grabbing damn near each and every single rebound.  The Wolves ended the contest with a -20 mark on the boards.  

What do people even expect for game wraps on this garbage anymore?  What could possibly be taken away from a 32 point loss to a 16 win team at home? How many more ways does this club have to display stunning levels of across-the-board incompetence before...what, exactly?  This team flat-out quit.  It flat-out quit for a coach who flat-out quit on them.  Will somebody please grant Rambis' wish to get back to California as soon as possible, as he clearly has zero interest in this team, its players, and its fans.  As far as I'm concerned, this franchise has declared warfare on its remaining fan base.  They do not care.  If they did there would be standards.  There are none. Take a look at the remaining schedule.   They might not win again all season. 

Anywho, in the interest of actually having something else to talk about instead of the same-old/same-old, I think we should start a People's History of the Timberwolves.  I'm going to set up a page for each year of the franchise and we'll have people share their stories and memories of that particular season.  Today, let's start out with Wolves pre-history.  

My first real memory of anything Wolves related was when I was on a bus in middle school and the bus driver (who was also a big basketball fan) and I were talking about what we thought the new team's name should be.  Without any prodding, both of us immediately said "Timberwolves".  After quibbling about whether or not Timbersnakes would be cool, we went back to our original take: Timberwolves would be the best name possible.  

What are your first memories about the team and do you have any stories to share about the franchise before it was born?