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Daily Rambis #1


As if being the 2nd worst coach in franchise history isn't enough for the Zen Apprentice, there's more...much more. 

Since we appear to be blessed with his services until at least the end of this season (maybe more...fingers crossed), I figured it would be worthwhile to talk about all of his wonderful accomplishments at the head of Our Beloved Puppies' bench. 

Today's fun fact is that the Wolves are now 19-79 (.194) since acquiring Darko Milicic, compared with 13-42 (.236) prior to the trade.  As you will remember, Darko was inserted into the starting lineup almost immediately upon his arrival from New York and his input was absolutely instrumental in the team's 1-19 record with him as a starter.  Rambis thought so highly of his play that he was able to convince his POBO to procure the services of the Serbian Superstar for another contract and immediately set about figuring out ways in which large chunks of the team's offense could be run through the big fella. 

Darko currently carries a 12.2 PER, .477 TS%, and an 11.9 reb%.  These are not to be confused with his career averages of 12.5, .481, and 13.5.