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Daily Rambis #5

We already know that Kurt Rambis' Wolves are a league-worst 4-18 in two possession games.  If you extend the margin to 8 points, Our Beloved Puppies are 4-26 (.154) with 1/2 of the victories coming on buzzer-beaters by Michael Beasley.  

Even more amazingly, the Wolves are currently 3-38 (.073) against teams with .500+ records, with 2 victories against New Orleans and the other at Houston.  Against their own Division, the Wolves have exactly 1 win against non-Utah teams since the Zen Apprentice came aboard. 

To be fair to Rambis, I suppose a case can be made that his ineptitude is simply another rung in the tall ladder of recent Wolves boobery.  The Wolves have 16 straight losses to San Antonio, 15 to the Lakers, 18 of 19 to Dallas, 9 in a row to OKC, 15 of 16 to Denver, 16 straight to Portland, 7 of 9 to NOLA, and 6 of 7 to Memphis.  Those are your playoff teams, folks.  Throw in 13 of 14 to Houston, 6 in a row to Phoenix, 5 of 6 to Utah, 6 of 7 to Golden State, 6 of 8 to the Clippers, and 7 of 10 to Sacramento and it's been tough sailing for a loooonnnnnngggg time in the Western Conference for your favorite squad.  The Wolves are 3-84 against San Antonio, LAL, Dallas, Denver, Portland, and Houston since KG's departure.  

Maybe the Zen Apprentice defenders are right.  Let's give him some more time, as he's clearly par for the course at 600 First Avenue.