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Well, that didn't work

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OK, so much for hoping that not watching the team play against bad squads could lead to their 3rd straight victory in a row over sub-par competition when I found something better else to do during the game. 

Oh well. 

Since I did not catch any (yes, any) of the action, let's do a box score recap.  


  • The Wiz won three of the Four Factors: shooting, turnovers, and free throw rate.  The Wolves eeked out a moral victory on the offensive glass.  The turnover battle was probably the most decisive victory for the (now) 16-win Washington squad.  They only turned it over 13 times compared to the Wolves' 21. 
  • The Wolves were also outdone from beyond the arc, scoring only .857 points per 3PA compared to the Wiz's 1.33. 
  • The Wolves' bench accounted for only 5 of the team's 40 made shots.  A .289 eFG isn't going to cut it as a unit.  The starters carried an eFG of .514. Not winning, sheep's blood, anti-warlock, whatever. (Did I get those right?  I only know of Charlie Sheen via Twitter and I'm not quite sure these references are being correctly deployed.) 
  • Kevin Love conducted his 3rd straight LASIK surgery in a row.  
  • Former Wolves pick Trevor Booker (look it up) torched Our Beloved Puppies for 7 points, 7 rebounds, and a +10 in 17 minutes of action. 
  • Getting burned by Andre Blatche really sucks.  I imagine he scored his points with a startling collection of stupid plays gone right, long jumpers, and 1 or 2 crowd-pleasing dunks.  
  • It's hard to complain about rotations on the tail end of a back to back with 4 DNPs, but...well, seriously. Someone explain the 4th quarter to me. Lazar Hayward played just about as much as Pek and Randolph combined? I know Hayward and Beasley are the only working 3s at the moment, but shouldn't last night's game been something of a laboratory for at least thinking about something along the lines of Ridnour, Ellington, Randolph, Tolliver, and Love for a few minutes? That being said, with the DNPs this is one time where Rambis probably deserves a pass.  
The Wolves are now tied with Sacramento for the 2nd worst record in the league (15 wins apiece).  They play the Kings on March 20th.  Buckle up.  

Until later.