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Mercifully Over

Well, Hoopusters. Congratulations are in order. We have, once again, survived a train wreck of a season with our sanity more or less intact. intact as it was to begin with, at least.

We'll be rolling out in-depth season reviews soon, but for now, you get this to think about: David Kahn says he's staying, made it pretty clear Kurt Rambis is not, and declared the state of the roster (not the team....the roster) is ahead of schedule.

In other words, he blamed the cook and got Glen Taylor to believe it.

What say you? Is Kahn really going to be kept around? If so, can he learn from his many, many mistakes? If not, who would you want to replace him? The basketball season's over, which means the fan chatter season is just beginning. When teams make major changes, they usually do it in these next couple of months.