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Last but not least, we have Los Bigs.  Here are the unadjusted scores:


  • Derrick Williams (big), 38.6
  • Marcus Morris, 33.96
  • Markeiff Morris, 29.67
  • Thomas Robinson, 29.19
  • Tristan Thompson, 28.92
  • Joshua Smith, 27.62
  • Terrence Jones, 25.91
  • Kenneth Faried, 24.52
  • Trey Thompkins, 24.36
  • Chris Singleton, 24.11
  • Reeves Nelson, 23.63
  • Gary McGhee, 20.71
  • Patric Young, 18.54
Adjusted scores and thoughts below the fold. 


  • Derrick Williams (big), 58.77
  • Marcus Morris, 51.31
  • Tristan Thompson, 46.42
  • Markeiff Morris, 45.39
  • Terrence Jones, 45.87
  • Joshua Smith, 45.44
  • Thomas Robinson, 43.49
  • Trey Thompkins, 40.74
  • Reeves Nelson, 40.10
  • Kenneth Faried, 39.91
  • Chris Singleton, 39.32
  • Patric Young, 34.26
  • Gary McGhee, 32.26
  1. Kyrie Irving, 66.47
  2. Derrick Williams (big), 58.77
  3. Kemba Walker, 58.29
  4. Alec Burks, 54.355
  5. Norris Cole, 52.83
  6. Marcus Morris, 51.31
  7. Darius Morris, 51.03
  8. Reggie Jackson, 50.16
  9. Jimmer, 49.96
  10. Tu Holloway, 49.85
  11. Derrick Williams, 49.131
  12. Kawhi Leonard, 48.178
  13. Tristan Thompson, 46.42
  14. David Lighty, 46.344
  15. Terrence Jones, 45.87
  16. Marshon Brooks, 45.77
  17. Nolan Smith, 45.56
  18. Joshua Smith, 45.44
  19. Markeiff Morris, 45.39
  20. Isiah Thomas, 45.37
  21. Ashton Gibbs, 45.18
  22. Brandon Knight, 44.24
  23. Demitri McCamey, 44.01
  24. Jeremy Lamb, 43.96
  25. Travis Leslie, 43.778
  26. Kalin Lucas, 42.87
  27. Jordan Hamilton, 42.808
  28. Thomas Robinson, 43.49
  29. Jeff Taylor, 43.469
  30. Jon Diebler, 42.305
  31. Harrison Barnes, 41.835
  32. Damian Saunders, 41.688
  33. Klay Thompson, 41.49
  34. Austin Freeman, 41.275
  35. Trey Thompkins, 40.74
  36. Deshaun Thomas, 40.549
  37. Reeves Nelson, 40.10
  38. Kenneth Faried, 39.91
  39. Chris Singleton, 39.32
  40. Malcolm Lee, 39.026
  41. Justin Harper, 38.756
  42. Chandler Parsons, 38.3
  43. CJ Leslie, 38.24
  44. Tyler Honeycutt, 37.872
  45. Elias Harris, 36.47
  46. Scotty Hopson, 34.706
  47. Kyle Singler, 34.549
  48. Patric Toung, 34.26
  49. Gary McGhee, 32.26
  50. Josh Selby, 31.75
I still have to monkey with perceived value and issues related to roles and usage between college and the pros, but here are my initial thoughts about the full weighted scores and all 3 positions:
  • This draft is awful.  We don't even know if some of these guys will be there after the declaration deadline.  In terms of wing players, there is damn near nobody to pick from.  Alec Burks and....Derrick Williams if you think he can play the 3.  Beyond that, it's a crap shoot.  Although, the chances of someone like Kawhi Leonard, David Lighty, Marshoon Brooks, and Jordan Hamilton being as good as Wes Johnson are fairly solid. 
  • If you are a team that can afford to play Williams as a 4, then this is probably a 2 man draft.  I think Irving is clearly the best player, but there are legitimate concerns about his lack of playing time and it's not insane to think that, because of the injury, Williams is in the same tier as Kyrie (Williams was actually hurt and played through it).  That being said, if the Wolves get the #1 pick and they pass on Irving, they're insane. 
  • I'm all aboard the Bismack Biyombo Irrational Exuberance Express (BBIEE...or BB IEEEEEEEE!--It's a fun thing to yell when you dunk on the 8 foot hoop at the Y), but I'm not sure how we (we being the non-scouting types) know if he is really that much different than Patric Young? What about Dallas Lauderdale (well, he probably rebounds a lot better than Mr. Lauderdale)? Carry on and continue to inflate the bubble.  BIYOMBOOOOOO!!!
  • First guess at how a tiered approach would work for the Wolves: 
      • Tier One: Irving
      • Tier Two: Williams, Walker, Burks
      • Tier Three: Ugh
      • Tier BIYOMBOOOOO!!!: Bismack
  • I would have zero problem with the Wolves taking a flier on Josh Selby with the 20th pick.  The guy had the worst possible year for a number of reasons. Is he as good as someone like Avery Bradley (who I'd have no problem with the Wolves trading for, BTW)?  No clue, but #1 Rivals recruits (LeBron, Howard, Gerald Green!, Greg Oden, B-Easy, BJ Mullens!, John Wall, Selby) are typically worth at least the 20th pick.  BTW: I'd place Austin Rivers at the top of this draft board if the NBA didn't have stupid early entry rules. He could likely step on the Wolves tomorrow and be their 2nd best player.  The Wolves really better hope that the NBA ups its early entry requirements with the new CBA or they are really, really, really going to miss out on an extravaganza next year. 
  • There is going to be a gigantic dead zone in this year's draft.  One could make a case that picks 3-20 are filled with guys that should go from 20 and above in a "normal" draft.  I still think 17 win teams take the BPA, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.  Is Alec Burks better than someone like Paul George? Probably not, but there he is near the top of the draft.  And so goes the 2011 Draft....the last draft before Clippergeddon. 
  • I can't say it enough, if Jimmer slips past Utah and Phoenix, get ready for Jimmermania. They won't be able to help themselves and, to be fair, he'd probably be the BPA at that point. 
Well, that about does it for this post.  I'll post the final scores as soon as we find out exactly who is in and who is out.  Until then, let's keep the BBIEE going! BIYOMBOOOOOOO!!!!!