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(Almost Apathy) I'm told...

...there was a game last night.  It wasn't available on FSN or League Pass, but the box score kept on updating.   I live only a mile from Glen Taylor's house so I wasn't able to find this game on radio or TV.  

Since we really can't say much about the actual game other than to list the four factors and game flow (actually, it doesn't look like the Nets/Wolves game has a game least not when I wrote this), last night's tilt was notable for two main reasons: 

First, with Cleveland's victory, the Wolves are now a 1/2 game away from being tied for the worst record in the league.  After all the draft picks, signings, and a year that supposedly didn't count, they're moving backwards vis-a-vis the rest of the league.  It's amazing but true. If they didn't really try last season and only won 15 games, trying only equals 2 additional wins.  That's mind-boggling. 

Second, with the loss to New Jersey, the Zen Apprentice is now 32-128, or .200.  It is no longer possible for him to eclipse the great Jimmy Rodgers' record of .189 ball, but with 4 more losses he'll be at .195, which may or may not be slightly better than what a coffee maker could do if placed at the end of the bench.  I really can't decide if this is a more impressive mark of boobery than the guy who has used a quarter of the franchise's first round picks without an average starter to show for it.  At least we know they deserve one another. 

Other news: KFAN traded the Wolves to CCO for the Wild. Here's the schedule for the Minnesota Swarm

Here's a legit question: Is this team fun to follow anymore?  I'm having a hard time justifying even watching these games, let alone writing about them.  What's the point?  I've received numerous emails from diehard fans that have all been along the following lines:

Long time reader/lurker and I just wanted to write to tell you I really liked the site and the community but that I can no longer continue to follow this team.  

They then go on to site a bunch of reasons why they've made their decision, how long they've followed the squad, how much money they think they've spent on an increasingly worthless product, and so on and so forth.  I've received dozens of these emails. 

I think I'm just about there.  The only thing that keeps me remotely interested at this point is that they could land the top pick and get Kyrie Irving, throw a bunch of coin at DeAndre Jordan, and re-sign Kevin Love.  Of course, it is more likely that there will be a lockout, Rambis and Kahn will be inexplicably invited back (or Rob Moor will be allowed to make yet another insane hiring decision), Rubio stays in Europe for another season, and...well, next year at this time we'll be talking and hearing about the same things we are talking and hearing about right now....which are the same things we were talking and hearing about last year.  

I'm just about at the point where I'm looking for an excuse not to follow this team anymore.  I'm fairly certain that's a common thought among the remaining fan base.