Rambis at todays draft workouts

I'm surprised that this hasn't been mentioned yet. Jon Krawczynski was on Barrerio's show today and he said that Rambis showed up today at the Twolves draft workouts. This was pretty much a surprise to everyoen there...including Kahn. I guess Rambis had his Twolves logo polo shirt on and just started watching the workouts. I guess it made for some awkward moments with Kahn. Obviously what was going on is that Rambis is basically saying to Kahn "Look...either s*%t or get off the pot. Do something":. I cant blame him. Whats sad is that there were lots of other coaches there. Flip, and I forget who else. It just makes us look even more like a bunch of idiots.

ED UPDATE: I'm (SNP) bumping this to the front page and putting a link to Jon K's story here.

Kurt Rambis sat in the Minnesota Timberwolves practice facility on Monday, wearing a Timberwolves polo shirt and watching several draft prospects work out in front of a host of coaches, scouts and executives from around the league.

He sat several feet away from Minnesota president David Kahn, a scene that wouldn't have been quite so awkward if Rambis knew whether he was returning for a third season as Timberwolves coach.

Rambis made a surprise appearance on Monday as the Wolves hosted draft prospects and league officials for the second day of a three-day minicamp. Neither Rambis nor Kahn were made available for interviews, but Kahn said through a team spokesman that no decision has been made on the future of Rambis yet, with the June 23 draft one month away.

To be perfectly honest, I have a lot of respect for Rambis on this move. I'm sure his motives are probably a bit more selfish than I'd like to imagine, but the end effect is one that I can live with: He sat in a room full of about 50 NBA executives and showed the entire league just how big of a clown show is being run by David Kahn and Rob Moor at 600 First Avenue. If the guy who hired him doesn't have the courtesy to let him know (to his face) where he stands...well, there's a draft to prepare for and we wouldn't want a repeat of 09.

One of the biggest gripes about Kahn's short tenure is that he waited too long to hire Rambis in the first place, heading into his first draft without a coach or a defined style (as if Kahn actually knows enough about pro basketball to have the sorts of thoughts that would allow him to hire a competent coach with a defined style--he just wants them to run fast and jump high). As we all know, this approach landed him Jonny Flynn in the most point guard heavy draft in recent memory and it is a mistake that has hounded him ever since.

In the past few days we have found out that David Kahn has not talked to Rambis since the end of the season. What a fantastic message to send to potential coaches: Not only will the POBO throw you under the bus in epic raise-your-hands fashion before the season finale, but he will not talk to you in order to clean up his own mess.

It really is sad that the folks in marketing, PR, ticket sales, stadium ops, premium seating, and the Lynx have to be associated with the clowns that run the Wolves' basketball operations. To anyone who spends a grand total of 5 minutes around this team it becomes blatantly obvious what the problems are and who is causing them. Good people are placed in impossible positions because of the gross incompetence of a very small group of folks who absolutely do not know what they are doing.

At this point, it should be obvious to each and every single season ticket holder, casual fan, die-hard, and earthly traveler that the Wolves cannot and will not change their ways until David Kahn is removed and Rob Moor is no longer allowed to make basketball decisions. Of course, this is all on Glen Taylor and you'd have a better chance of trying to lift cars with your mind muscles than there is of Papa Glen telling his former son-in-law that he doesn't get to play with his toy anymore. It's the whole firm hand shakes, loyalty, and local banks bit and it's killing your favorite franchise (it has been for a while).

There is no more hiding what ails this franchise. Their basketball operations department is broken and it does not do right by its fans, its coworkers, and even a terrible and completely unlikable soon-to-be former coach. Think about that: They have turned the most incompetent and needlessly arrogant coach in team history into a sympathetic character. The word is out about this franchise. No coach is going to want to work for these clowns. No competent GM is going to want to come into a situation beyond his control. I cannot overstate the impact of Rambis' actions on league wide opinion. If you thought the team had to scrape the bottom of the barrel in order to land David Kahn, you aint seen nothing yet.