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Who Reads Hoopus, Pt. ii: The Kevin Steinman Edition



This is Kevin Steinman.  He plays pop-infused arena folk that is very, very good.  We first heard about Kevin following Andrew Bynum's cheap-ass foul on Mike Beasley.  Since then, Andrew Bynum committed another cheap-ass foul, he tweeted about getting fouled by Shaq, and Kevin Steinman put out a fantastic album called Pre-Existing Condition.  You can listen to the album in its entirety (and buy it) here.  I'm a fan of Just in Time and Moonlight Navigators. Good, good stuff.  

Kevin has two shows coming up in the next three weeks: June 10 at the Dakota Jazz Club ($5) and June 19 at the Stone Arch Festival (free).  Go check him out and buy his album.