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The Death Star has exploded

C78d92aa1b9168be34ccb870d4dd4518-getty-114832846cc145_dallas_maver_mediumThe Mavericks defied the Heat, the ghosts of their past, and just about every statistical projection, and won the 2011 Finals. Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd finally get a well-deserved championship ring.

Oh, and Corey Brewer too.

For the NBA, this was fantastic. Dallas is a new face on the championship podium, TV ratings were way, way up (proving once and for all that there does not need to be a Los Angeles or Boston involved for people to be interested) and Dirk is a pretty ideal guy to be everybody's new hero. He's Finals MVP (as if there was ever any doubt)

For the Heat....and for LeBron James in particular....there's a lot of soul searching ahead.

And for the Mavs. Congratulations. You but on one of the best shows in recent memory. This was well, well deserved.

EDIT: I'm also very hopeful this means we can get the 3.7 million Heat writers off of ESPN's Twitter feed. Good God, enough is enough...