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Vote more: #20 overtime

Alright, we've actually got a couple items to cover today. First, S-n-P's campaigning has paid off. Charles Jenkins takes the tenth spot on our #20 big board.

However, today, Lucas Noguiera has withdrawn his name from the draft, meaning two things. One, Jenkins actually took the ninth spot on the board, and two, we need to vote yet again for the tenth spot.

1(20). Jimmer Fredette
2(20). Marshon Brooks
3(20). Josh Selby
4(20). Donatas Motiejunas
5(20). Chris Singleton
6(20). Kenneth Faried
7(20). Nikola Vucevic
8(20). Tyler Honeycutt
9(20). Charles Jenkins

PS I am also omitting David Bertans, as he has not decided whether to keep his name in or not, and the deadline is today.