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The 2011 Canis Hoopus Big Board(s)

For the #2 pick, you decided the order should be:

1. Kyrie Irving
2. Derrick Williams
3. Enes Kanter
4. Bismack Biyombo
5. Brandon Knight
6. Alec Burks
7. Jan Vesely
8. Kemba Walker
9. Jonas Valanciunas
10. Kawhi Leonard

And for the #20 pick:

1(20). Jimmer Fredette
2(20). Marshon Brooks
3(20). Josh Selby
4(20). Donatas Motiejunas
5(20). Chris Singleton
6(20). Kenneth Faried
7(20). Nikola Vucevic
8(20). Tyler Honeycutt
9(20). Charles Jenkins
10(20). Nolan Smith

Now, your picks for #2 are similar to DraftExpress, albeit in a different order. The only guys DX wants to have a word with you about are Marcus Morris...and why you like Bismack Biyombo more than him...and why you spelled Jimmer's name A-L-E-C. As for ESPN, well, they just want to know why you hate Chris Singleton and Tristan Thompson.

For my money, I like your board more than anyone else's. It's got a definite flavor of BPA to it, but still accounts strongly for need and fit. Biyombo and Burks in particular seem to be major beneficiaries of the Wolves' current suckage at those respective positions, as well as from the Rubio effect.

It will be interesting to see what the Cavaliers do with that #1 pick. I was 100% sure they would take Irving two weeks ago. Now I'm only 90% sure. Kahn probably wouldn't do this (because...well....he's Kahn....) but if the Cavs, for some absurd reason, let Irving fall to #2, I draft him, keep him, and don't look back. If Rubio's defense is as good as advertised, then there's no question in my mind we can start him and Irving together in the backcourt a la Kidd and Terry/Barea/Beaubois.

So there you have it. Are you happy with your order?