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And so it begins

OK folks, it's that time again.  The best day in all of sportsdom.  Intrigue, multi-layered story lines, pressure, folly, ridiculous commentary and hope abound.  Who will be added to the pile of glorious weirdos? Who will have the most second jumpability? 

Here's how the day will go at Hoopus following this initial open thread:

  • 1200: Noon open thread
  • 1500: Mid afternoon open thread
  • 1800: Draft open thread
  • 2000: Post-draft open thread (both positive and negative threads)
Also, as you will note below this thread, I have put up a rumors thread.  This is where I ask all of the links to rumored picks and trades be put.  

The question to kick things off: What two players do you want to see in a Wolves uniform at the end of the day?  I'm hoping for Biyombo and Burks. What say you?