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2011 Draft Cliffnotes

If we've learned nothing else about David Kahn, it's that he'll never fail to go 100 miles and hour in a 10 mile and hour draft zone. His wheeling and dealing got so out of control most of you (us) lost track of which picks were actually ours. So for those of you (us) who just got confused tonight, here's the quick and easy summary:

Wolves' final take: Derrick Williams, Brad Miller, Malcolm Lee, Targuy Ngombo, 2013 first rounder, future second rounder, and a pile of cash.

Read on to see how it all sorted out in the end.

Pick #2: Derrick Williams

Pick #20: Donatas Motiejunas
The rights to Motiejunas was then traded along with Jonny Flynn for Brad Miller, pick #23, pick #38, and a 2013 first rounder

Pick #23:
Nikola Mirotic
The rights to Mirotic were then traded to Chicago for pick #28 and pick #43
Pick #28: Norris Cole
The rights to Norris Cole were then traded to Miami for pick #31 and a future second rounder

Pick #31: Bojan Bagdanovic
The rights to Bagdanovic were then bought by New Jersey

Pick #38: Chandler Parsons
The rights to Parsons were then bought back by Houston

Pick #43: Malcolm Lee

The Wolves then acquired (or are in the process of acquiring, as of this writing) the rights to pick #57
Pick #57: Targuy Ngombo

We'll roll out in-depth draft analysis in the coming days, but for now, let's just note a few quick things.

1) I have no idea if Brad Miller will actually play here or not. I'd lean towards no, personally, considering his age and injury history.

2) Despite the runaround, Kahn did good in this one. He made the logical pick of Williams at the top, then essentially turned #20 and Flynn into a future first rounder, future second rounder, Malcolm Lee, and Targuy Ngombo. That's good work.

Ngombo was Pete Philo's pick (not Ronzone's) Pete was an assistant coach with the Chinese national team last year, who competed against Qatar in November, Ngombo dropped 24-9 on them, and the rest is apparently history.

More later. Rest up