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Summer Potpourri

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Dreamland Faces.  We saw them at the Black Forrest Inn during Oktoberfest.  My daughter still talks about how she wants to play the saw someday.  

More below the fold. 



  • Vellee Deli- It has taken a long, long time for Korean tacos to hit the Twin Cities.  OK, they don't have tacos.  They just have Korean BBQ burritos.  They also have BBQ Bahn Mi and the Mojo, a spicy Cajun style sausage served on a Bahn Mi bun with pico de gallo and some fresh papaya.  It is Asian/Latino fusion at its very best and it is all mobile.  Find out where they are on Facebook and Twitter.
  •  Wally's Roast Beef- An East Bloomington tradition that has reopened just across from Southtown.  The best roast beef sandwiches in town.  Try one with au jus and with a healthy portion of horseradish.  They also have Blue Plate Specials to kill/die for. 
  • Rosita's Barbacoa- It's a long way out to Willmar, but if you happen to make the trip, you will find one of the very best taquerias in the state.  They have my favorite salsa bar that features an amazing cilantro-heavy green sauce. 
Well folks, what places to eat and books to read do you recommend for the summer? What beers will you be drinking at barbecues and beaches?