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Vote more: Lottery viii

Uncertainty over his buyout and NBA readiness has pushed Valanciunas down some mocks. But he's tall, productive and hyper-efficient at a young age, and that could mean stardom someday. One of the most intriguing prospects in this draft, but there's certainly a risk he can't or won't play in the NBA for a couple of years, and that concern seems to be reflected in our big board.

1. Kyrie Irving
2. Derrick Williams
3. Enes Kanter
4. Bismack Biyombo
5. Brandon Knight
6. Alec Burks
7. Jan Vesely
8. Kemba Walker
9. Jonas Valanciunas

This'll be the last round for lottery voting, since we'll then have 10 choices on the board. If the Wolves, for some reason, trade down further than 10, well, what the hell would they even be thinking?