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Vote more: #20 viii

Lucas Noguiera came out of nowhere to eek out a spot on the big board over Nikola Vucevic and Tyler Honeycutt. Be honest people, was it the smile?

Now, that's not to say there isn't any merit to Noguiera. He's a legit 7' tall with a freakish 7'6" wingspan and a vertical that makes you think he drops down from the ceiling. His offensive skills are very raw, but he tore up the defensive end last year in the U-18 FIBA Tournament. There's serious questions about his motor and ball IQ, but all things considered, rookie JaVale McGee would be a pretty fair comp. Not too shabby.

1(20). Jimmer Fredette
2(20). Marshon Brooks
3(20). Josh Selby
4(20). Donatas Motiejunas
5(20). Chris Singleton
6(20). Kenneth Faried
7(20). Lucas Noguiera