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Great off-season performances: The lights go out edition

Folks, it's that time of year again.  Time once again for the SnP clan to head southward to the I40 land of Memphis, Little Rock and Oklahoma City.  It is where our people are from and to where we must return. As an added bonus, this year we are  headed down to the Metroplex in Texas where rumors of new In and Out Burgers have awoken the long-dormant Californian in me. 

Until about 2 weeks from now. 

PS: Additional Francis dancing here.  (HT JE Skeets.) 

PPS: If it is really, really raining out, and you want to get a run in, you may want to think twice about running more than 45 minutes while barefoot on a treadmill.  Right around the 40 minute mark is where the friction creates enough heat to cause blisters.  Good times.