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The Canis Hoopus petition for Rick Adelman


It has been suggested that we, the Canis Hoopus community, should create a petition to express our support for hiring Rick Adelman as the Wolves' new head coach. As the most proven, reputable name to appear thus far on the search list, as well as a 91% vote-getter on the CH popularity scale, it seems that we are all pretty much in  collusion on this matter.

Dear Timberwolves,

Why should you hire Rick Adelman? Let us count the ways:


Adelman has a winning record: 945-616. That's something that Terry Porter and Bernie Bickerstaff do not. In fact, he's only had 3 losing seasons in 20 years of coaching (or really, two, since he didn't coach the whole year with Portland) Sure, Don Nelson can claim more wins, but c'mon....he's had 12 more years and 400 more losses to work with. 

Adelman runs a fast, functional offense with no gimmicks. Chris Webber, Peja Stojakovic, Doug Christie, Mike Bibby. Now THAT was a fun team to watch. Get Love to pass sort of like Webber, Wes to shoot sort of like Peja, and Rubio to run sort of like Christie, and we'll be a fun team to watch too.

Adelman also runs a much more respectable defense than he gets credit for. The Kings were no Spurs, to be sure, but they were hardly the Suns either, holding opponents to a respectable output considering pace, and finishing well in points differential most years. And well, the Rockets were pretty good on the defensive end too, when McGrady and Yao weren't hurt.

Speaking of which, Adelman isn't adverse to rolling with the punches and making the best of what he has. Do a little research on his uses of Chuck Hayes, Shane Battier, and Keon Clark.

Adelman also isn't adverse to dealing with difficult personalities. Webber, TMac and Jason Williams aren't exactly what you'd call "coachable". But he made it work anyway.

Adelman has a sharp basketball acumen. Something the team desperately needs somewhere in its decision-making hierarchy.

Adelman has known Kevin Love for a long, long time. They like each other. Hiring Adelman would be the biggest positive step towards getting Love to resign here.

We, the Canis Hoopus collective, respectfully submit these as primary reasons why Rick Adelman must be at the top of the candidate list and is worth the price he is sure to be asking. We would also like to point out how hiring Adelman would go a long way towards repairing the credibility the team has been steadily losing for, oh, 6 years now, and lost completely after treating Kurt Rambis like a Minnesota state employee.

And to Rick Adelman, should you be reading this, let it be known that we are ahead of the game and already traded for Brad Miller.

Everyone sign on the dotted line: