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Sorry, Tulsa



So this is what it feels like to be a fan of whatever teams play the Wolves.  I could get used to this. 

With tonight's win, the Lynx matched the franchise record for wins, with 18.  It is also the 2nd time this year that they have kicked the living daylights out of the Shock. This contest wasn't close, it wasn't fair and the one thing I couldn't stop thinking about during the tilt was "Holy crap, how did I sit through all of those Wolves losses?"  Winning is fun.  Watching solid pro ball is fun. Watching good basketball players is fun.  

There were two items of note in this game: First, the Lynx dominate the open court.  Their long and athletic perimeter players control the action and they are 2nd in the league in fast break points and points allowed. There is not much opposing teams can do about Whalen, Augustus and Moore in the open court and tonight it really showed.  Second, tonight was only the 2nd time in WNBA history that two 40 year old players shared the court at the same time.  Tonight it was Taj McWilliams-Franklin and Sheryl Swoopes. 

The Lynx play next against the Sun on the 16th at 6:30. The game, as always, is available on line and on the WNBA's ipad app.  You can also listen to Alan Horton's call on BOB, 106.1.   

Until later.