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Doing it Decisively


The Minnesota Lynx have swept the Phoenix Mercury out of the Western Conference Finals.

The Lynx swept the Mercury out of the WCF. The Lynx swept the Mercury out of the WCF.

For those of you who know the WNBA and the intimidating history of the Diana Taurasi Mercury, you understand what that means. For those of you who are new....well, trust us. It's all that needs to be said.

Short game Notes:

  • Jesus Shuttlesworth played for the Lynx tonight, disguised as Maya Moore
  • Taj McWilliams-Franklin - 21 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists, team-high +19. T'was a game full of things that spoke for themselves
  • Lynx dished 21 assists and committed just 6 turnovers
  • It's entirely conceivable that Lindsay Whalen would be the best point guard on the Timberwolves

The Indiana/Atlanta series still has one game left, so the Lynx don't know who they'll face in the finals or when that will be yet. Personally, I hope Atlanta pulls off the upset. The Lynx can beat either team, but will have an easier time not having to face Whalen's former backcourt mate Katie Douglas and league MVP Tamika Catchings. And the Fever crowd is one of the best in the league too....Conseco Fieldhouse is one of the most charming basketball arenas in the world, but it is not friendly to visiting team.

The Lynx swept the Mercury out of the WCF. We actually have a professional sports team in this state competing for a championship. Hugs for everyone. Except the paper editors who will inevitably put that pathetic excuse for a football team on the front page tomorrow anyway. For them, I say send inappropriately-worded letters of complaint.