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The Sad Expressions Of Anthony Randolph

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Anthony Randolph is getting a bit more playing time this year than he did at the end of last year, and I can't help but notice that he does not look particularly excited when he's on the floor. But he doesn't look disinterested, or like he doesn't want to be there, or angrily competitive; he just looks... sad.

After the jump, we examine a few photos of Randolph, and speculate on what's going through his mind.

"The vets say they tried everything they could think of. They did the surgery, they gave her the pills, but they say Fluffy ain't gonna make it through the night, man. FLUFFY, YOU'RE GOING SOMEPLACE WHERE THERE'S UNLIMITED BACON AND YOU CAN BARK AT THE MAILMAN FOREVER."

"You see those kids up there in Section 219, Beas? They're all at the game tonight, but every single one of those kids went to bed hungry last night, and tomorrow night they'll go to bed hungry again."

"The last time I saw somebody get tackled like that, I was just two steps slow to stop Sirhan Sirhan. RFK should have lived, man; he could have been great, and he would have been, if I wasn't too slow to prevent it."


"HE WAS JUST FIVE YEARS OLD, MAN! Five years old! I don't understand why he had to go, I don't. He loved crayons. He loved juice. He used to sit on my lap and I'd read him Richard Scarry books. I DON'T UNDERSTAND LIFE."

"I know I should be passing out of this double-team, but man, I just can't stop thinking about all the buddies I left in the mud over in Korea."