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Two Horsemen of the Hornepocalypse

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So, I guess we'll just root for 45 minutes of Love and Rubio every night. That's a solid long term plan.


We'll pull out a trick from the old On the Ball website and do a double gamewrap after tomorow night's game. Tonight's tilt was pretty...well, it was bad. Rubio plus an amazing half from Love = a narrow victory over an awful Hornets squad.

Boy, the Hornets sure got a lot of production tonight from Chris Kaman, Eric Gordon, Aminu, and the future Wolves pick. I bet potential owners are beating down the league's door to get in on that action.

Finally, did you know it is Friday the 13th? Thank you, NOLA announcers!

We'll do a bigger recap after tomorrow's game. Until then, what say you?