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OK, first of all, I'm sorry for the Dave Navarro commercials that currently pollute this site. I understand that Ink Police or whatever the f**k it is called has paid a lot of money to support SB Nation, but I'm sorry. Almost as sorry as Carmen Electra, who had to pretend that this talentless a-hole was someone worthy enough to hitch a ride to.

That being said, watch Comedy Central's Ink Destroyers!!! I hear it is the best new show of the year.


OK, remember last year? Remember watching Kurt Rambis worry his silly little head about what those nasty other teams might do to his little squad of junior puppies? What can be done? Can the little doggies change what they are doing? Fret no longer!

This season, Our Beloved Puppies are led by someone who is actually capable of...wait for adjustments!!!

In the first half of tonight's matchup, the good guys were having trouble dealing with the long and athletic Kings getting into the lane and grabbing rebounds. In the second half, this problem disappeared, thanks to the coaching staff's insistance that giving up a short bunny was preferable to gambling and...well, it really is amazing to have a coach who actually watches the games, determines what needs to happen next, and...

That's all I have tonight. It was a night-and-day difference between the first and second halves, and it was so because of coaching. Luke Ridnour wins the Player of the Night award, with second place going to David Brauer for describing the Kings in a single tweet.

Where do we go now? Will Martell become the slightly less than terrible but still better than absolutely terrible wing player we have been clamoring for all along?

We'll just have to wait and see.

In the mean time...

Until later.