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The road to 63-3, game 5

Tonight the dastardly Spurs come to town.

The game is not available on local TV but you can sign up for a free League Pass broadband account here. Or, you can listen to the excellent Alan Horton on the Good Neighbor (are they still good neighbors?).

Remember, no illegal feed links in the comments, no pics, and no gifs....not even ones of Allison Brie. (You are welcome to make as many Community references as possible.)

With the Spurs in town, there will be extra points for David Robinson and Iceman references. Hopefully LP will bring us the in-game video feed and we will all be spared the vocal stylings of Sean Elliot.

Our friends for the evening are over at Pounding The Rock. Extra points for corny rock puns when the Wolves go up by 20.

Enjoy the tilt and go Wolves!