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Quick and dirty notes to tide you over until the game wrap tomorrow:

  • Ok. Sure. Chris Paul was in street clothes. If you want to get technical, start placing your rematch bets and tune in April 12th.
  • I'm still trying to figure out why Mo Williams comes off the bench for this team. Randy Foye? Really?
  • Sure is nice to have a coach who adjusts for these things though, isn't it? Williams torched the Wolves for 21 points in the first half. He scored 4 the rest of the game before getting tossed out.
  • If only Darko played like this every night....
  • It's also really nice to have a point guard who makes a contribution when his shot isn't falling. Rubio went 1-11 tonight, put still managed 9 point, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, and the only positive +/- line among the starters. 1-11 historically has been the death of Puppy point guards. Randy Foye. Jonny Flynn. Rubio went 0-10, found other ways to make an impact, then still had the guts to launch the game tying three. He's a Jedi mind trick. I may need to go home and rethink my way of life now.
  • It really is kind of a miracle the Wolves pulled this one out. Your two best players shot a combined 6-27.
  • Then again, the Wolves had 21 assists to just 11 turnovers. The Clippers had just 12 assists and committed 18 turnovers. Still getting used to those going in our favor.
  • I miss JJ Barea.
  • I'm unreasonably excited to see Martell Webster start playing.
  • I don't care what people say about trade leverage. Claiming Chauncey Billups was the right thing for the Clippers to do.
  • And I still believe they won't reach their full potential until they find a better head coach.
  • Swag^^^

In all seriousness, this was a monsterous win for reasons that have little to do with basketball. The Wolves got put to the national taste test tonight, so to speak. They got put on national TV, marched into the NBA's largest market, and beat the NBA's hottest up-and-comer, sealing the win with 0:00 on the clock. This is the kind of thing that starts buzz. That starts momentum. That gets attention for something other than record-breaking awfulness and screwy media sound bites.

At the end of last season, we were a pathetic excuse for a basketball team. At the start of this season, we were intriguing enough to watch. Now, were something to watch out for. We've gone from a laughing stock...more of a laughingstock than even these Clippers, mind nightly competitor and League Pass favorite led by a box score titan and one of the most exciting rookies to enter the league in the past 10 years. And after tonight, the NBA is on notice for it.