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23 year old superstars should be held for as little time as possible

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All roses are flowers.

Some flowers fade quickly.

Therefore, some roses fade quickly.

If this little bit sounds like your bag, then I bet you just loooove the fact that the 23 year old Kevin Love was signed to an extension with a buyout after the 3rd year.

If that sounds kind of iffy, then congratulations, you are a functional human being.

Let's get the contract stuff out of the way first. The 5th year is ego BS. Kevin Love is one of the best 3 players in the 08 draft and he has every right to be paid as such. Instead of getting the contract that will forever be known as his college roomie's deal (a'la The Westbrook), Love gets the Dwight Howard 3rd year ETO. It's nothing to turn one's nose up at, but it's needlessly antagonistic.

Getting Love to stick around for another 3 years is fantastic...not giving him 5 years is insane. What will the 5th year be used for? The guy who just completed his 18th game in the league? The incentive that can be wiped out with the differences in state tax rates? Ish. (Sloppy writing alert/edit: the incentive I meant to tie the state taxes bit to is the 7.5% vs. 4.5% yearly escalation with Bird rights. The 5th year bit is "being saved" for...well, nobody knows for sure yet except the best GM in the league, Sam Presti.)

Listening to both national and local radio today the one "silver lining" take from the 3 year deal seems to be that the 3 year potential opt-out will somehow incentivize the Wolves to make a better attempt to win in the next 3 years. This is nonsense. Just think about how many people need to have car repairs right now. Either you can or you can't. The Wolves can currently afford to pay their superstar superstar money. In 3 or 4 or 5 years they may not. Moral incentives are always more promising as abstract ideas than real world situations. The Wolves should always be striving for wins. Their clock should always be ticking. A 3 or 5 year Love deal should mean the same damn thing: get smart people to do smart things...the end. The 5th year isn't being saved for Rubio, Love will stay no matter what deal he gets as long as there are competent people here, yada, yada, yada.

Anywho....the Wolves won tonight. I wish I could say more about the win but I was at the HS orientation for my oldest daughter's swim team. I feel really old right now. I have a daughter who is about to enter HS. Congrats, Love. Good job on your extension. I'm about to let my baby girl go into a building full of boys.


Anywho...while I was paying more attention to stroke camps and meet duties, I'm hoping someone actually caught the game.

A review would be greatly appreciated.

Until later.