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Post game open thread

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The Pek and Ricky show made its debut tonight at the Target Center.

Also playing: 9 turnovers, less than 30 ftas between the 2 teams, and one of the better defensive rebounding efforts you will ever see, as the Wolves limited the San Antonio Spurs to a grand total of 2 offensive rebounds. That's pretty damn good and it should be considered a major part of the team's defense. Not allowing 2nd shots matters. Not turning the ball over matters. Tonight was about as well as you could hope a team like the Wolves could play in those two categories.

I'll hopefully have more up tomorrow. Kid A has a regional swim meet tomorrow and...well, we'll see how the intertronz times works out.

In the mean time, the Wolves are a game away from being .500 after the New Year for the first time since Dwane Casey roamed the sidelines in 06/07. Martell Webster saw his first minutes of the season and Brad Miller isn't far away. Hopefully, the horrific early-season production of Michael Beasley, Darko Milicic, and Wes Johnson can be replaced by something a tad closer to average. If that happens, the Wolves should make a fairly quick pass of the even mark. All they need is for Webster to perform at the slightly below average level he has accomplished in the past while having Pek grab a lot of rebounds with a TS% that is 20 points (yes, 20 f*****g points) above Darko. Everything else will be gravy until they find a competent wing player who can produce at above-average levels for 30-35 mpg while being able to be on the court at the same time as Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio.

And no, until Derrick Williams is able to guard guys other than Matt Bonner, it's not happening with someone currently on the roster.

Fantastic win tonight. Here's hoping they come out guns-a-blazing against the Lakers. They've lost 15 in a row to LA and they have a crack at .500. This next game means a lot. The tilt this Sunday is the most important game this franchise has played in a long, long, long time and they need to, at the very least, meet the opening bell.

Well, that's about it. What say you?

Until later.