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Nothing to say

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Don't say anything.

Tonight Mike Beasley took his Melo Lite impression to the next level. Tonight, against the Rockets and off the bench, B-Easy was the Kansas State dynamo. He had no use for long jumpers. He attacked the rim, took short shots, and wanted nothing to do with finesse.

There is not much else to say about this game. Beasley was the show. He was the best player on the court and it was ridiculous.

Don't look directly at him. Don't talk about what he did. Don't look at the box score. Tell yourself over and over and over and over that it can be repeated. Mumble, "screw trading for someone, this is the guy they really need." Get out your voodoo chickens and rosaries. This is the prayer you need answered. Try not to think about how it is nothing more than an outlier and just enjoy the craziness that came across your TV.

Until later (and try not to think too hard about this one...just pray for the no-long-2s-get-to-the-line Beas).