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Love will avoid surgery on injured hand

A bit of good news in the ongoing story of Love's hand injury: according to reports from ESPN, surgery won't be required.

Love reportedly broke his right hand doing knuckle pushups before practice. He has since released a statement, saying:

"Although I'm disappointed that this injury happened, I will work extremely hard to stay in shape and return to the court as soon as possible."

Adelman handled hearing about the injury with the grace and humor of someone who's been through it before, saying "I couldn't believe it. Here we are trying to get ready and then we have something like this happen. I learned [about dealing with these things] a long time ago. I've had so many injuries to good players, I've started to think maybe it's me."

Certainly Adelman is no stranger to having his best players go down. During his long tenure in Sacramento, he dealt with all sorts of injuries, including the collapse of Chris Webber's knees and back that robbed CWebb of his athleticism and cut short the life of an otherwise powerhouse Kings team. He then dealt with constant injuries to his stars in Houston, as Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming seemed to suffer chronic issues on a yearly basis. Then, of course, we lost Ricky Rubio last year to a torn ACL.

The silver lining here is that hand injuries aren't chronic, like leg or especially back injuries. Give Love a couple months and he should easily be back to 100%.