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Life without Love: Day 1 (CHI 91, MIN 81)

The bullet points continue

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Better to have (Kevin) Loved and lost than never have (Kevin) Loved at all.

Yes, that was terrible. In protest of Community Season 4's premier being delayed indefinitely, I am punning everything in sight.

  • The Timberwolves offense will clearly need to run through Pekovic now. Roy may be able to carry it in wind sprints (and maybe Shved too, as he adjusts) but otherwise The Godfather is the only power scoring force this team has.
  • So many turnovers.....
  • I think the best bet will be to start either Cunningham or Williams at the 4, with Budinger coming off the bench. Kirilenko at the 4 and Budinger at the 3 would probably be a more balanced and productive starting five, but even without Love, the Wolves need depth at the 3 way more than the 4.
  • If only Carlos Boozer played this well every night...
  • I know the team doesn't have much margin, but I'd like to see Malcolm Lee play in any margin it can find
  • Thank goodness the team didn't trade Luke Ridnour last year. We're going to need him badly to start this one. Barea's fantastic at wrecking the enemy game plan coming off the bench, but he's not steady enough to start full time.
  • Rick Adelman has his work cut out for him.