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No more All-Star centers

The NBA does away with the 'center' position on the All-Star ballot

Jed Jacobsohn

In yet another indication that this is now a guard's league, the NBA has finally removed the 'Center' position from the All-Star ballot. Fans and coaches will now vote strictly by 'guards' (2) and 'forwards' (3).

The change is a response to the change in the landscape of the NBA, which no longer has centers the likes of Shaq, Hakeem, Mourning, Ewing, and Robinson all playing the game at the same time. As names like Erick Dampier and Brendan Haywood started appearing in the top 3 in voting at the expense of players like Josh Howard and Josh Smith, it became apparent that a new format was needed.

So good news for a guy like Josh Smith, who now won't automatically lose a possible roster spot to votes for Joel Anthony. Not-so-good news for a guy like Pekovic, who will now be up against the platoon of power forwards in the West who don't make the team each year (among those who didn't make it last year: Paul Millsap, Zach Randolph, and Pau Gasol)