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Timberwolves 95, Pistons sadface

Answers to our game thread questions, and more


  • The Wolves did indeed generate a respectable offense, led by Pekovic in the early going and Budinger in the late stages. Pek is going to have to be a consistent 20-10 guy with Love and Rubio out for this team to stay afloat, and he'll need to adjust his game for the double and triple teams he'll face now, as well as move the ball well enough to give the wings enough chances to keep the defense honest and punish them when they aren't.
  • The team does much better with Ridnour starting as a steady hand, and Barea coming off the bench, where his kamikaze style is an asset more than a liability.
  • Andre Drummond at the free throw line: Incomplete. He didn't attempt any. I'll say this though...his work ethic has been much better than expected, even if it's obvious he still has a few complexes to get over.
  • Derrick Williams' shooting is still broken, which is not encouraging. He did, however, do a fantastic job attacking the defense tonight to get to the free throw line. Adelman has hounded him to stop settling for jumpers and drive more this preseason. Hopefully it's starting to sink in.
  • Chase Budinger can really, really shoot.
  • I'm torn on what to say about Brandon Roy. On one hand, he's been healthy, mobile, and active so far, which is more than could have probably been reasonably expected at this stage. On the other hand, he's been thoroughly unremarkable, making it a legit question if he has anything to tangibly offer the team that it could have found somewhere else for less money.
  • Alexey in Space.
  • I'm still, as always, terribly confused by the Pistons' unbreakable faith in Rodney Stuckey and Jason Maxiell. They basically broke up their championship core to hand Stuckey the starting job. They though he'd be as good, if not better than Billups, and thought Maxiell would be the next Ben Wallace. Neither has come anywhere near those marks in 4 years, and yet Detroit refuses to accept and move on.
  • Dante Cunningham is really, really, really awesome.