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Housekeeping (Open Thread, October 29)

A quick rundown of how the site will be operated moving forward.

OK, here's the deal-e-o. In order to keep this little ditty as being as close to the ol' neighborhood bar as possible, we are going to take the following approach:

  • At the start of every week we will post a Weekly Preview article in slot #1.
  • Every day will have either an open thread, bumped fan post, game review, etc in slot #2.
Since the site change we have seen a significant drop in Fan Shots and Fan Posts. This is mainly because we cannot directly bump up new content to the front page.

Because of this fact, we will hand out trusted poster status to long time readers and those who sign up for the crowd sourced game recaps (sign up to follow). This will only work if those who sign up for the trusted status only post in the allowed spaces.

This approach will be a work in progress. We can't hand out 20 trusted poster tags only to have everybody post at the same time. However, we also don't want to assign posts and topics to writers who should be doing what they do organically.

Sooooo, for the moment, trusted poster status will be given out to those who sign up for game recaps and those posters should only post to the front page with their recaps. All of their other posts should be placed in the Fan Shot/Fan Post section (where, as trusted posters, I can bump them to the front page if needed).

Here's the recap schedule. Sign up in the comments and I'll give you trusted poster status on the site for your game recap (and beyond...just don't abuse it).

  • Nov 2: Sacramento
  • Nov 4: Toronto
  • Nov 5: Brooklyn
  • Nov 7: Orlando
  • Nov 9: Indiana
  • Nov 10: Chicago
  • Nov 12: Dallas
  • Nov 14: Charlotte
  • Nov 16: Golden State
  • Nov 21: Denver
I will also be posting weekly reviews in slot #1. This post will have off-topic links, links to good Fan Posts/Shots, and a broad overview of what actually happened during the week.

My main goal here is to make sure we have as much community involvement and conversation as possible. Hopefully this approach will work. If it doesn't...well, we'll have to see what does. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Until later.