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Randy (Halloween Open Thread)

Randy Newman sings about Minnesota Timberwolves current events, an open thread for October 31st.


Randy Newman - Short People (via thecatkeaton)

OK folks, here's what the game wrap sign-up looks like:

  • Nov 2: Sacramento: Jorge Luis Borges
  • Nov 4: Toronto: (STILL OPEN!!!)
  • Nov 5: Brooklyn: bartikuSS
  • Nov 7: Orlando: gastrovan
  • Nov 9: Indiana: vjl110
  • Nov 10: Chicago: benthunderbolt
  • Nov 12: Dallas: vegter21
  • Nov 14: Charlotte: Ebomb
  • Nov 16: Golden State: (STILL OPEN!!!)
  • Nov 21: Denver: keylimekai
  • There's still time to sign up for Toronto and Golden State!!! Don't miss out!!!

    As for the opening night tilts, what caught your fancy? Ray Allen sticking the dagger into his old team? Kyrie Irving looking like the real deal? Going to bed before the Dallas game?

    Do tell!