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Game #8, Goldthwaiting

In the 8th game on their quest to 80-2, the depleted and plucky Minnesota Timberwolves take on the Charlotte Bobcats.

Ronald Martinez

Ok, let's perform some reverse voodoo. Find the nearest stuffed animal, anthropomorphic doohickey, or wad of clay, and chant the following words: "Lupus protectus pleaseus pleaseus."

Treat the doll kindly. Say nice things to it. Take it out to dinner at your daughter's tea set. Prop its feet up on a tiny couch. Do. Not. Drop. It.

What will I be looking for in tonight's tilt against the dastardly Charlotte Bobcats? Simple. No more injuries. Hopefully the reverse voodoo will work.

Our blogging buddies for the day are over at Rufus on Fire. The Cats are riding a two-game winning streak and you can read a nice piece about their young core by clicking here.

Until later and go Wolves!

PS: Don't forget to check out vegter21's excellent two part Dallas review. We're still trying to get Crowdsourced game reviews on the front page. Until then, I'll place them right below the cover. I've also placed a Crowdsourced Game Review stream in the cover. Make sure to check them out.