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Game Day Open Thread, The Beginning Of Pektropolis

It's opening day. What are your predictions and thoughts about the upcoming season?

And so it begins...
And so it begins...

It's finally here.

Knuckles and Unicorn are unable to be here with everybody else, but B-Roy, AK-47, Grateful Shved, Wisconsin Stiemer, and Bud will pick up the slack.

Will this finally be the year where we don't have to start talking about draft boards in December? Will the team have something to play for in April? When will the unicorn make his way back onto the court? Will the reign of Pektropolis bring about a James Harden contract dilemma at 600 First Avenue? Will Pour Decisions finally start brewing enough beer so I can get a growler of Pubstitute every weekend? Important questions have been asked and must be answered.

Also, seriously, Pour Decisions is the business. I mean Surly is good and all (mainly Abrasive Ale), but holy crap, PD is the local brewery that really matters. It's the new unofficial official Hoopus Beer...if you can find it.


Time for predictions. Leave your markings in the comments. May the luckiest person win.

Wolves Record:

URD (Unicorn Return Date):

Best Newcomer:

Most Improved:

Team MVP:

Pek's 2013 Salary:


Best Story Line:

Biggest Disappointment:

WCF Playoff Teams:

Finals Participants:




What Happens To The Lakers:

Favorite Local Beer To Drink During A Wolves Tilt:

Favorite Local Joint To Eat Before/After A Wolves Tilt:

Random Comment You Want Everyone To Read:

Well folks, cut and paste away. We'll compare notes at the end of the season.

Go Wolves!

PS: I would be remiss if I didn't mention just how important Tim was to this site before the start of the new season. Whatever money is made off of this site is donated to the Minnesota Humane Society, the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, and the DAV in memory of Tim. If you are in the giving mood, I highly suggest one of these 3 fine charities.

PPS: Here is my entry...

Wolves Record: 40-42

URD (Unicorn Return Date): January 17th vs. the Clippers

Best Newcomer: Chase Budinger

Most Improved: Malcolm Lee

Team MVP: Pek

Pek's 2013 Salary: Max deal

Playoffs? No

Best Story Line: Pek becoming the best center in the league.

Biggest Disappointment: Kevin Love continuing to insist it was a knuckle push-up

WCF Playoff Teams: Utah, Denver, OKC, LAL, LAC, SAS, DAL, MEM

Finals Participants: The Heat and some unlucky team from the West

Champion: Disney will buy the Heat for $4 billion

MVP: LeBron puts doubt into the heart of even the most ardent MJ-was-the-best-ever supporters

ROY: Damian Lillard

What Happens To The Lakers: Pain and suffering, playoffs

Favorite Local Beer To Drink During A Wolves Tilt: Pour Decisions Pubstitute. Harriet Brewing Dark Abbey and Midnight Ryder from Indeed Brewing tie for a distant second.

Favorite Local Joint To Eat Before/After A Wolves Tilt: (tie) Dong Yang in Columbia Heights serves up the best Korean food in the Twin Cities (try the bibimbap!!! also, the seafood pancake!!!). Homi has comfort food (Mexican) to kill for. Sole Cafe on Snelling is a close 3rd.

Random Comment You Want Everyone To Read: Thank you to the very kind reader who sent me a case of Pliny. It was much appreciated. As soon as Pour Decisions gets their tap room up and running on a regular basis, I'll return the favor with an equally tasty beer.