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Game #10, Nuggatron

In Game #10 on their way to 78-4, the glorious Minnesota Timberwolves take on the dastardly Denver Nuggets.


Oh, Denver. Oh, George Karl.

(Side-topic: Is George Karl the Ron Gardenhire of the NBA, but only cooler because he's a Dean Smith era UNC Tarheel?)

The Nuggets should be trotting out a JaVale McGee/Kenneth Faried big man duo for most of tonight's game, but Karl will probably grab some random people from out near the Sid statue and put them on the court with 3-point attempt machine Corey Brewer for a late-stretch frontcourt lineup.

L. Ron bless you, George Karl.

Things I will be looking for in tonight's game:

  1. Pek. The big fella needs to be back against the Nuggets. If he's not, oi, it's going to be a long night.
  2. No more injuries. Please oh please oh please oh please. I should just keep this one up near the top until the season is over.
  3. Will George Karl continue to be George Karl? This one pains me. I loved watching his Sonics teams and UNC is the only college team I'll bother to sometimes think about caring about maybe watching a half of (and only because Dean Smith was once there), but his lineup choices'll just pretend he's been Ron Gardenhired and move along.
  4. Can Josh Howard give AK 10-12 minutes of rest while not being so atrocious that the Wolves find themselves on the business end of a 15-3 run?
  5. Just how far inside of Alexy Shved's head will Andre Miller crawl? Last game, Klay Thompson was pushing Shved all over the court and he even baited him into a couple of bad plays because Shved was expecting physicality at all moments and would then do things like jump an expected shove or hard pick, which would leave Thompson open for a cut to the bucket or an easy kick out. Shved is a crafty player with the ball in his hands, and he may even be a crafty player on the defensive end, but his size and NBA experience put him at a disadvantage to any opposing crafty player who wants to shove the guy around. Andre Miller could be that guy. Will he?
Well folks, that about does it. Our blogging buddies for the day are over at Denver Stiffs.

Until later and go Wolves!