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If Portland's goal was to show Brandon Roy they don't miss him, then mission accomplished.

Damian Lillard and Wes Matthews: 58 points (23-34 shooting, 9-14 from three) Lillard also had more assists by himself (8) than the entire Wolves' backcourt did combined (7)

'Sota's defense was completely AWOL in this one, and their offense wasn't anything to write home about either. For a second straight game, the Wolves got bullied in the second half. They once again lacked any sort of spark, and got badly out-hustled. The bench was not good. Portland was 103090128093808213 times more active, and used the long arms and quick feet of Aldridge, Hickson and Leonard to good use. There were times when Love and Pekovic just looked small out there.

So yeah....3-18 from three, and the opposing backcourt drops 58. Rubio and Budinger can't get healthy fast enough.