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Getting Back Into Getting Back...

The Wolves beat the Kings while getting back on the winning path.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Long night. What a game. I'm writing this from an animal hospital urgent care (one of the dogs ate something crazy) so we'll roll with bullet points!!!

  • DeMarcus Cousins should be one of the top 10 players in the game. His size, length, skills, coordination, college production...lordy, man, it's all there. Why must you take 4 shots from 18 feet and beyond in the 1st quarter when you're 6'11" with 7-footer arms? Just cut it out already and dominate the league!
  • I can't get off of this DMC bit. Check out his HoopData scores. 4 shots/game from 16 feet and beyond. Now check out Pek. Yep. Something as simple as shot selection could improve DMC's (and the Kings') fortune. It will never cease to amaze me.
  • Alexey Shved is starting to open up angels on hockey assists. On a number of plays he's 1 play ahead of the opposition. He sees the whole court with the next move. For example, in the 1st half he took a quick 3 because he saw Kevin Love getting blocked out by Isiah Thomas. The shot didn't go in but it was more than worth it.
  • James Johnson appears to have broken the hipster safety goggle barrier. Think Russell Westbrook post game...but actually in the game.
  • Is it wrong to wonder what in the hell Jerry Sloan was thinking whenever you watch AK47 play?
  • What exactly does Malcolm Lee do? Tonight he made 2 three pointers. This means he has 6 threes in the past calendar year. Byron Mullens had 6 threes in a game vs. Phoenix earlier this month. Please trade D-Will for a 2/3.
  • This happened.
  • Lip reading!
  • Will Matthew McConaughey win both supporting and lead acting awards this year?
  • Kevin Love gets the crazy shot of the year award (to date).
OK folks, I gotta run. Our little dog Kirby has eaten something bad and it...well, tomorrow, when we've paid several hundred dollars to clear a Barbie leg from this damn dog's stomach...GO WOLVES!!!