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Game Day #2, Toronto

The Wolves take on Toronto in their quest for 82-0. We have all of your Toronto v. Wolves needs covered.

A Raptor Gets What's Coming To It
A Raptor Gets What's Coming To It

I hope you caught last night's tilt between the Wolves' next two opponents. I hope Toronto played extra hard and are all tuckered-out for their (losing) efforts.

Toronto has an interesting squad. They have massively overpaid for one of the worst players in all of the NBA (who, to be fair, played ok last year), they handed out a bunch of cash to DeMar DeRozan; but they also were able to get their hands on Kyle Lowry, Landry Fields, and the uber-promising Jonas Valanciunas.

In other words, they're a mixed bag of goodies who are going to be in it on a lot of nights, especially when DeRozan and Bargnani are playing close to an average level of ball (as opposed to playing up to their contracts...which would be really problematic for the Wolves).

You can read more about the Raptors over at our sister site, Raptors HQ. Please wish them well. It can't be a good way to start a day by knowing that you will have your rear-parts handed to you later on in the afternoon. That's quite a load to process. Empathy for the win.

Until later.