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Rick Adelman Sits Down With Alan Horton

Alan sits down with Rick for a nice interview about the team and its direction over at

Things we learn from the interview:

  • Rick enjoys finely leathered chairs with brassy knobs and solid back support.
  • Grown men can wear hoodies.
  • If you watch closely during Kevin Love's drive to the hoop against the Israeli squad, you can see him complain to the refs about a non-call...during a pre-season game...against a EL team. Somewhere, Kobe smiled.
  • Nobody really knows how Brandon Roy's knees will play out during the season.
  • Adelman thinks that Nikola Pekovic was the team's best player in camp.
It's a nice little video that is well worth your time. Hopefully we'll see more of these from the team in the future.