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The Wolves face the gang from America's Wang to take on J.J. Redick's mug shot and the magic of the greater Orlando area.

Here we go, yo, here we go.

I know it's early but Hoopus Headquarters is ready to call tonight's game for the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Magic gave it a nice pre-game go, but ultimately they decided to pack it in so as not to face what locals refer to as El Pekacabra, the Montenegrin Goal Sucker.

Our blogging buddies for the day are over at Orlando Pinstriped Post, or the Artist Formerly Known As A Name I Can't Quite Remember.

What has been happening in Magicville of late (outside of meth use, swamp rot, stink throat, canine rhombosis, and boogaloo flu)? Hedo broke his hand, Jameer Nelson broke his hamstring, and Magic fans broke their dignity while rooting for Glen Davis.

Maybe the Magic will get lucky and the Wolves will spot them a 24 point lead in the first half just to make it interesting for the Magic's League Pass crowd before they have their souls sucked out of their bodies by a Shveddy Stiemsmer.