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Wolves eek out win over Pacers (A Quick Recap)


Whenever I think it isn't possible for me to like this team any more than I already do, I remember knuckle push ups and unicorn knees. Oh my god, how insane is this team going to be when Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio get back?


Let's get the elephant out of the way: Brandon Roy went to the locker room with a sore right knee. People of earth, the guy who had a fluky medical procedure to revive his non-existant knees went to the locker room with a knee injury. It was going to happen. Do not fret. It was inevitable. A hobbled Roy >>>>> Wesley f'ing Johnson. That's it. Could the money have been better spent on Alonzo Gee or someone else? Yes, but that's water under the bridge, especially with an offseason that includes Chase Budinger, Alexy Shved, Greg Stiemsma, and Andrei F'ing Kirilenko.

I promised that this would be a quick recap. I shall deliver.

Last year the Wolves lost to the Pacers after getting hit in the f'ing mouth by an aggressive Indiana team. This year, without their 2 best (well, AK47 has a lot to say about that, but that's another post...) players, the Wolves showcased a new found chippiness that didn't back down from the hacktackular David West, the ridiculous Roy Hibbert, and whatever else Frank Vogel had to throw at a (previously) soft club.

No longer soft. No longer without chip. Bring it. Russian style.

4-1. Without their best players. With the Russians. With a bench that can more than hold its own (go Bud, Stiemer, Shved, and Dante Cunningham!!!). With a Pek. This could get good.

Go Wolves!

Final - 11.9.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Indiana Pacers 19 24 21 30 94
Minnesota Timberwolves 21 21 27 27 96

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