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Dear Return Santa

A Timberwolves wish list for the return set.

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Return Santa,

I know the holidays are almost over, but I really want the Wolves to get a swingman who can play the 2/3 with fully functioning knees. I know this is a tall order, but this is what the team really needs. Andrei Kirilenko can only play about 30 mpg so the squad needs about 30 mpg more of proficient action from the wing. This is quite a bit ask but I'm pretty sure this is the only thing the team needs.

Derrick Williams isn't the guy. Brandon Roy might be the guy but not really. Chase Budinger should be the guy but he's broke. CDR might have been the guy but he's been taken by Dallas. Is it too early to wish for the draft?

Anywho,if you have any spare gift cards laying around, please consider giving the Wolves the shooting swingman they so desperately need during the holiday season. What would you give your favorite team for Returnmas?

Go Wolves!